Presentations, courses and workshops

Informing and educating are essential for expanding the building biology in India.
Presentations and workshops can be given as well as the IBN Building Biology correspondence course.


Introduction to Building Biology


This presentation gives a compact overview of the world of building biology.

Central is the care for our indoor climate.
With the 25 principles of building biology as a guide, all mayor aspects will be addressed.

This presentation is for all who would like to know about building biology, but especially those involved in design of buildings, like architects and architect students.

The aim is that the participants become more aware about the impact of the built environment on the health and well-being.



Electromagnetic hygiene for architects


This presentation, combined with demonstrations, focuses on the localizing the sources of electromagnetic pollution, and how to avoid them in the design of habitats.

The impact of electromagnetic pollution on our health and well-being is often neglected. Most people are unaware of it and lack the information to act.

There is a need to know how electromagnetic fields behave and where they come from. Various sources of EMP, common in our daily life, will be demonstrated, and tips will be given to reduce electro-smog in our living environment.

Originally it is meant for architecture students, however everybody interested in this matter will obtain valuable information.



Workshops in natural building methods


Together with the Sacred Groves Housing project in Auroville we provide hands on work shops in natural building techniques.

Learn about building with earth, and the benefits for our indoor climate. While being introduced to all aspect of sustainable living.

And at the same have fun and enjoy working together in a natural environment.



The IBN Building biology correspondence course


The CBB is partner institute of the IBN and is able to facilitate the IBN Building biology correspondence course. This is a training consisting of 25 modules covering all aspects of building biology. The CBB will organise twice a year seminars for the participants where additional information will be given especially related to specific Indian issues.

More information can be found here and on course the IBN website for the correspondence.