Rene Janssen is an electrical engineer and Building Biology consultant from the Netherlands for more than 20 years. Sensing the growing effects of EMP (Electromagnetic Pollution)  on human beings, he decided to augment his knowledge by studying Building Biology at the Institute for Baubiologie (IBN), Germany in 2010. Since 2004 he is living in Auroville and involved in various construction projects which promote sustainable building solutions and social well being. In 2014 he founded the Centre for Building Biology in Auroville, with the aim to bring this needed science to a wider audience in India.



Mona Doctor-Pingel is an architect based in Auroville since 1995. She studied architecture at  (CEPT), Ahmedabad. During her master’s programme in Appropriate Technology in Germany she studied Building Biology at the Institute for Baubiologie (IBN). Her Studio Naqshbandi experiments with various building technologies using local materials and craftsmen which incorporate principles of Building Biology. Currently she is also part of the five year Indo-US joint research on Building Energy Efficiency.




Selvam is an Engineer based near Pondicherry, since 2014. He studied Engineering at Anna University (MIT Campus) Chennai. He is an MEP consultant and executing the projects all over India. Being aware of the effects of electromagnetic pollution, he has been specializing in the design of electrical installations according building biology standards. He is also pursuing his passion of becoming Building Biologist by working with the "Centre for Building Biology" Auroville, India.​