Why building biology?

CBB Why BBCBB Why BB ROIn the second half of the last century the world of construction has changed substantially. The industrial revolution has introduced many new building methods and materials. Many synthetic chemicals found their way into our living environment. Electricity became available for almost everyone. Today we experience a boundless growth of wireless devices. The primary motivation of these developments is economic growth. This unrestrained economic growth has led to depletion of resources, global warming, and pollution of land, water, air and ether. But also to social and cultural impoverishment. The gap between poor and rich has never been this poignant. Today the care for our earth is becoming of great importance. The need for sustainable building is becoming a necessity.

Environmental health is of increasing importance for our health and well being. Our living environment, especially the indoor climate of our dwellings, are a mayor source of environmental illnesses. The role of a building biologist is to inform building designers to create a healthy indoor climate in their new designs. And to investigate existing houses, often in collaboration with environmental doctors, for chemical and biological pollutants and man-made radiation.

Building biology places the individual in the centre of its living environment. Human health and well being are of great importance. Sustainability is of a vital importance.

Building biology in India

India is growing fast, the population as well as the economy. Cities are dealing with a very high and increasing population density. Many new buildings are being constructed. Unfortunately in the haste to build a new modern India, construction practises are forgetting the quality of life for those living in these new buildings. There is an urgent need for building biology and sustainability to improve the quality of life now and in the future. This makes India a country with many challenges

Building biology as it is introduced by the IBN is originally meant for the middle European climate and culture. India is a large country with various climatological zones and cultural differences. The science of Building biology needs to be expanded to cover specific Indian issues. This requires research and development. This is one of the challenges we are facing.

The Centre for Building Biology

The mission of the Centre for Building Biology is to Investigate, give consultations and to educate. Helping people with improving their existing living environment is a grateful task. Often with simple means the quality of life can be increased substantially. Sometimes unneeded concerns can be removed by doing a house assessment. In some cases more is needed, and an independent Building Biology can give valuable advice in how to renovate without unnecessarily high expenses. The best is to avoid sick buildings at the first place. Consulting a building biologist before starting a construction, can be of great value for the health and well-being of the future users. By spreading the knowledge of Building Biology more healthy houses will be build, and the quality of life for many people will be improved. Research and development of adequate building materials and construction methods is a never-ending task. Learning from tradition, evaluating new technologies, experimenting and developing are all very essential.

The Centre of building biology is located in Auroville, where many initiatives towards sustainable building and the development of new construction techniques are undertaken. Auroville wants to become the city the world needs. In this future world, the earth and the well-being of its inhabitants is of great importance.

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