Ignorance does not protect against consequences

Family with gasmasks    

With the industrial revolution, humanity gained access to technologies that have a far greater potential for abuse and destruction than ever before. Authenticity and sustainability of natural building materials were overlooked in favour of convenience. As a result, environmental illnesses are a reality now, including sick building syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. These illnesses may not decrease our lifespan, but they certainly decrease the quality of life.  Degenerative diseases are currently the number one death cause in the modern world, and are often related to environmental factors.


 Building Biology in India


Indian streetview


India is growing fast, the population as well as the economy. Cities are dealing with a very high and increasing population density. Many new buildings are being constructed. Unfortunately in the haste to build a new modern India, construction practises are forgetting the quality of life for those living in these new buildings. There is an urgent need for building biology and sustainability to improve the quality of life now and in the future.